Ignite your business

Every fire starts with one spark. Along with oxygen and fuel. The same goes for business venture: All you need is a spark to ignite promising entrepreneurship. Along with ambition, inspiration, know-how and a solid base.

The story

How to spark growth of fresh, ambitious and innovative companies in an effective way. Sparkplug Ventures answers this question by sharing knowledge, networks and financial expertise. In return for a minority share we add value from any point of view directed to a successful future.

Our long-term consulting and coaching empowers young entrepreneurs to affect world-wide challenges and maximizes their growth opportunities.



For sparkplug a personal click or spark with the team of entrepreneurs is essential. On top of that, their vision, passion and dedication will have to match our business philosophy and our added value as a sparring partner should be considerable.

To spark the right business ventures, we screen solutions for sector-wide global challenges: The venture has covered its proof-of-concept principle and its product reaches development completion or explores market introduction. The business model is scalable and repeatable with a value proposition that has competitive advantage.


Sparkplug is seeking for long-lasting partnerships with great new ventures. Therefore we have set up a thorough screening protocol in which we screen and select ventures within an intended period of 8 weeks.

The main part of the screening process are the diverse meetings with the Sparkplug team. Key information such as a one-pager and/or a pitch deck and a detailed business plan will play an important role.



This web based tool enables content creators to sell their content the way they want. Simple to use, no subscription based pay per view tool.




This web based platform enables end-to-end encrypted file sharing. A powerful new tool that meets the highest standards in security, speed and usability. Target markets are financial, legal and healthcare.




A C2C platform that brings people together for a social dining experience. With the Nibblr app, users can invite others over for a meal in their homes, or browse a selection of other meals available, enabling consumers to engage in transactions like they could never before.




Saluqi Motors develops an affordable high performance electric drive system that will revolutionize the electrification of personal vehicles and generators. Bringing the cost down, while increasing drive performance and efficiency.




Hable developed a smartphone controller for the blind and visually impaired. With the unique design, user can use their smartphone anytime, anywhere and completely private.




We should be free in how we shape our own sex lives. Unfortunately, this is often not the case. That’s why we strive for equal sexual relations between both men and women. Because women, just as men should enjoy the freedom of living a sexual active life without being labeled as less or immoral.

Future mix

To accomplish a solid and successful exit-strategy in their total portfolio-mix, Sparkplug aims for a sustainable group of approximately fifteen promising young ventures in different market segments. To do so, Sparkplug annually will add three to five new ventures to their portfolio in the next coming years.



The Sparkplug team consists of complementary business experts, each skilled in essential specialisms. Combined they provide the right framework to spark and guide promising young business ventures.

Evert Fila

Networker & growth hacker

Market validation (screening), networking, peer-to-peer coaching, e-commerce, creativity and publicity.


Social dining-platform Nibblr laat mensen samen eten


Skotty: Eindhovens platform om snel en veilig bestanden uit te wisselen


Sparkplug Ventures start fonds voor start-ups



Spark with us!

We are not only welcoming investors to participate and co-spark with us promising businesses ventures by investing inspiration, know how and funds. Also young and ambitious entrepreneurs can spark their business by contacting us!

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